June 26, 2020 

Top 11 Picnic Hacks for Summer

Picnic season has returned! Every year, my family and I love going on picnics whether it be to the park, the beach, or even in our very own backyard. During the warm summer months, we are always looking for different ways to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. Having a picnic not only lets us get outside but we get to eat too! However, over the years I have learned a few tips and tricks that make our picnic outings go a little smoother and I am here to share them with you. So, get your blankets and baskets ready for a fun season ahead and follow these 11 awesome tips for a seamless outdoor experience!

Keep the mess at bay by storing charcoal in an egg carton. This also makes for easy access to your charcoal and is great to keep by the grill.

Cut and fold chip bags down for easier access to your chips without having to reach in and get your hands greasy!

Worry no more about losing your straw to the wind or into your drink. Instead, stick your straw securely through the cap of your soda or drink can.

Place a cupcake liner over your glass to keep the bugs at bay!

If you're a fan of sliced apples and looking to prep them ahead of time, keep them from turning brown by holding the slices together with a hair tie.

Store your salad in a glass canning jar, keeping the dressing at the bottom to prevent your salad from getting soggy. Stir when it's time to enjoy!

Store salt and pepper in empty mint containers for easy pouring. Don't forget to label them!

Place a cupcake liner at the base of your popsicle to prevent dripping, keeping your hands free of a sticky mess!

Stick a shower curtain under your picnic blanket to ensure that no one has a damp seat from the grass!

Place your phone into a glass to stream music. The cup will amplify the music like a speaker!

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