June 10, 2019

6 Pool Noodle Tips and Hacks

When summertime rolls around, my kids want every day to be a pool day. We, of course, have a ton of pool toys from water guns and floats to pool noodles and water toys. But did you know that pool noodles are good for so much more than just floating in a pool? You'll be shocked to see how many different ways they can be used! Plus, they are just $1 each at Dollar Tree, so I stock up every summer and use them all year long. Check out these 6 different tips and hacks I have come up with using pool noodles. I promise, they will help you in quite a few unexpected ways all year long!

Cut a large slit on one side to prop on a paint bucket. Cut additional slits for each paintbrush to rest in.

Cut a slit to wrap around a handle. This makes gardening or washing a car so much easier!

Fractions Can Be Tough, So Make Them Easier!

Use them to teach children fractions or to keep on hand for baking and cooking. Cut into sections and label the appropriate fractions with a permanent marker.

Insert the spokes of a rake into the side of your noodle for a multifunctional yard tool!
Have a door that needs to stay cracked or quiet? Cut a slit into one side and wrap it around the door!
Wrap around a seatbelt for added comfort or to use when taking a nap!
The pool noodle hacks Don't stop there! Check out these 5 additional creative ways to use pool noodles.

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